Data. Visibility.

Be in the field with your team and change the way you do business with your customers.

Get Field Insight
Everything your distribution operations need and more

We built our solution for the people on the field to make them feel a lot more included in your business - The ones who make sure your products are loved by your customers.

Know where your customers are

See all your customers location on a live map. Field Insight captures coordinates of your customers on every visit.

Make your team compete

Get access to a dynamic leaderboard to help make your sales compete against each other.

Sell more of your products

Easier to engage prospects with on-device demos and interactive tools while also collecting new orders from existing customers in the field.

Recognize revenue instantly

Capture acceptance of waybills by customers automatically and reduce your turn around time by 50%.

Push out information quickly

Content can easily be created and deployed to the Sales team in the field. Field Insight makes the entire process easy.

Real time data on field activities

Get real time sales and product information. With this you make business decisions quicker.

In the news...
Here's what our clients think
“Our relationship with our distributors and transporters has become stronger since implementing Field Insight. They know when goods are being shipped to them and we know immediately they have received it. We have better utilization of our assets from distribution capacity to our transporters trucks.”
Adjei Martial Yoboa Supply Chain Manager, Nestle Savanna Cluster (Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Togo & Benin)